Agadez Town

Visit the town of Agadez

The mosque of Agadez A look on the town of Agadez

Tour the historic town with its famous grand mosque. Visit the baker's house, the livestock and vegetable markets. Meet artisans who work in cut stone, wood, leather, silver and gold or those who recycle cans.


Depart l'Auberge d'Azel for a day's excursion or an overnight camping experience.

The Cliffs of Tiguidit

Backbones of a dinosaure

Stone engravings,
dinosaurs, fossilized wood,
pastoral wells and nomadic encampments,
cliff landscapes and sand dunes.

Stone engravings of Dabous

Pre-historic stone engravings

Pre-historic site renowned for the beauty and size of its engravings:
giraffes which measure 5,60m from head to toe.

The oasises at the gates of Agadez

Azel, a Touareg village shaded by palm trees, replete with vegetable gardens and fruits from the banks of the Teloua; the tents of Touareg nomads of the Boghel Valley, the camel riders of the Touareg encampments of Teghazert.

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