Céline et Akly

Akly JOULIA, born in his mother's encampment at the gates of the town of Agadez, dreamed throughout his youth of the distant and mysterious Tenere described by his people. He first traveled through this area as a geologist, then came to know it as a driver in the strenuous Paris-Dakar rally and most recently as an airplane pilot.

Akly Joulia and Céline Boileau His meeting with Céline BOILEAU, a Frenchwoman working on development projects in the north of Niger and herself fascinated by the region, convinced him to share his love of the desert with the rest of the world. Celine speaks English, German, Tamashek and Hausa and has a diploma in tourism.

Trips organized by AGADEZ-EXPEDITIONS reflect the care, authenticity and professionalism of both Celine and Akly. Given their long experience in the north of Niger, Celine and Akly understand the challenges of desert travel and pay close attention to the security, comfort, care and quality of experience of travelers on the expeditions they organize. They are committed to tourism which respects the natural and cultural environment of the Nigerien desert. Groups rarely exceed ten people. Their expeditions enable travelers to journey through stunning landscapes following the rhythm of the desert and to take full advantage of what they see, encounter and experience...

The tourist guide Petit Futé Niger

Céline Boileau is the author of the tourist guide Le Petit Futé Niger (published editions so far: 2002 and 2004)

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